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D. Dunham, Provost

Jai is one of the most effective leaders I have ever worked with. 


She models compassionate leadership by partnering with employees and employers to proactively develop programs and policies that benefit both the individuals and the organization.

G. Moench, Chief Financial Officer

Jai immediately built credibility by demonstrating technical competence in all facets of HR. Her proactive approach to building trust is foundational to her professional and personal relationships.


Her greatest assets are her calm demeanor, steadiness, and diplomacy in addressing issues. There are few people I’ve worked with who work as hard and care as much as Jai.

C. Williams, Payroll Manager

Jai has been an inspiration to many for a long time.  She has demonstrated incredible management skills, a caring demeanor, and a dedication to excellent leadership and guidance. 


She is very professional and personable and always strives to make anyone she encounters feel valuable.  She is a great friend and an awesome life coach. 

J. Samuel, Internal HR Customer

Jai is an absolute gem. She is one of the best resources I am proud to have in my rolodex!


She's given me so much personal and professional advice that words alone could never justify how grateful I truly am or how much I've accomplished with her insight.


I'd be lost without her. Truly!

M. Lenhart, Director of Strategic Initiatives

Jai provides such a calming presence; you can feel she truly wants to help you. She puts her heart into ensuring people have what they need to succeed.


She isn't afraid of tough conversations and guiding you through difficult situations. Jai is an amazing leader and someone I would highly recommend supporting you through your professional or personal journey.

Misty Ladd, Doctor of Forensic Psychology

Jai's approach is unique in that she skillfully blends practical, actionable advice with profound insights into the human spirit. She has a remarkable talent for identifying potential and nurturing growth, which has led me to make significant strides in areas I had previously struggled with.


Her encouragement and guidance have been instrumental in helping me develop a stronger sense of self-awareness, resilience, and purpose.

Jai Michaels

Working with the incredible individuals who've shared their testimonials has been a privilege. Their journeys inspire and drive me to continue fostering leadership, compassion, resilience, and wellness in the world of leadership.


If you're ready to start your transformative journey, I'm here to guide and support you every step of the way. Let's connect and explore how we can unlock your full potential together.

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