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Hi There! 
I'm Jai Michaels

Follow me on my journey from temp to executive and now, leadership and wellness intelligence expert.

Executive Leadership 

From temp agency to the boardroom, my progression in Corporate America was the best learning experience of my professional and personal life. However, nothing prepared me for becoming the first female executive vice president of an all-male executive team.  I was on an island, and like many women across Corporate America, I felt marginalized and isolated, giving the term "it's lonely at the top" a very clear meaning.  

Working 12 hours most days of the week was the norm rather than the exception.  I made tough yet strategic workplace decisions impacting entire organizations nationwide. Similarly, I led painstaking discussions with legal counsel and CEOs that would end the employment of one or several employees during my career. These very strenuous working conditions — for years — coupled with childhood trauma and domestic abuse, became a mountain of stress waiting for a medical episode to occur... and then it did.  

Prioritizing Health and Wellness

Delving into health and wellness during my health scare and becoming a certified integrated nutrition coach was the saving grace I needed. 


Finally, prioritizing physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health led me on an unexpected and joy-filled journey that brought an internal peace and calm I never knew possible.  Learning to nurture my body, mind, and emotions was a captivating yet welcoming experience.  The added beauty of this experience is that you can have this experience as well; you only need to be shown the way, and I'm here to help you.  

My Mission

Using my professional and personal experiences, education, certifications, and passion, I'm happy to guide women through the transformative world of Leadership and Wellness Intelligence. I help them stand strong in their leadership roles, using compassion and resilience as anchors while ensuring their health and wellness are a priority.  

I have learned the value of living by the principles I advocate (see results below). I aim to empower women to design and live a healthy lifestyle while continuing to be a force in leadership positions.

Health and Wellness in Action

"The Body Keeps the Score" 

B. van der Kolk

February, 2022 

At my heaviest, highly stressed, and the most unhealthy.  We hold stress in and on our bodies, as shown.

BTW - I so did not want to take this pic but this was my reality and now my way of showing you what's possible.

Carol Dweck, Ph.D.

February, 2024

After leaving a high-stress career and focusing on my health and wellness, the weight began to  literally melt away. 


I also learned the vital steps to change my mindset to be in the best shape ever!

accomplishments, certifications, and memberships

Academic Accomplishments:

  • Master of Science in Management 

  • Bachelor of Arts in Management and Human Relations - Magna Cum Laude  

  • Associate of Arts in Business 


Certifications and Memberships:

  • Nutrition Certification - The Food Matters Institute

  • Virtual Coach Certification - Eben Pagan Training

  • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Certification - Institute for Integrative Nutrition

  • Institute of Coaching Member - McLean, Affiliate of Harvard Medical School

  • Food Revolution Network Member

  • International Association for Health Coaches (IAHC) Member

  • Wellness Consortium Member

  • Mindvalley Member

Professional Accomplishments:

  • Instrumental in developing value-added tactical Human Resources (HR) planning to lead strategic and organizational initiatives for nearly three decades.

  • Responsible for employment law interpretation and administration nationwide and internationally.

  • Developed curriculum and instructed undergraduate students as an adjunct professor in Human Resource Management.

  • Served as a Board Member and Advisory Council Member for organizations supporting the development of girls and providing aid to local families in crises.

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