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Sitting Meditation

Emotional  & Mental  Balance

Eliminating limiting beliefs and learned negative behaviors continues with cultivating emotional and mental wellness.

 Take a mental inventory of those limiting beliefs, what you do to unwittingly sabotage your own success, and how imposture syndrome is preventing you from so many wonderful experiences. 


Know and believe you already have the skills and power inside you to make these changes; we simply need to tap into your brilliance!

Relaxing on Hammock

The Power of Gratitude


"Santosha, the philosophy of cultivating contentment, encourages you to be at peace with what’s available to you in each moment. Because in Ayurvedic tradition, anything can be a potentially balancing medicine, you can use gratitude as a possible healer of the negative. Studies show that shifting your mindset through a daily pause focused on contentment can have powerful mental and physical health impacts.

How to: Begin and end your day with a simple statement of gratitude. Whether it’s written or spoken, pause to recognize your contentment with what you have or have experienced.

Tip: Gratitude changes everything. Reminding yourself that you have enough can ground you in the present. When you need focus, clarity, or rest, return to gratitude as one of the purest ways to connect to reality."

IIN Certification Program

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