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As an enthusiastic advocate of StrengthsFinder* (an online talent evaluation tool) and a strong supporter of Marcus Buckingham's work, I had the exciting opportunity to attend a coaching summit where Marcus was a prominent speaker. During his presentation, I was elated to discover his collaboration with ADP and Harvard Business Publishing, resulting in 'The Gift of StandOut,' described as the 'next-gen strengths assessment.'


His website states: 'We hope this gift will help each person find resilience and direction by identifying their unique strengths profile. Together, we can grow stronger.'


Naturally, I immediately took the assessment and am eager to disclose the results below. The report resonates deeply with me and provides insights into my passion to assist you as you embark on your health and wellness journey.


Intrigued about your strengths?  Please visit Marcus' website and take the

StandOut assessment. You'll receive a personalized report detailing your results and top two Roles to 'maximize this edge.' The information is genuinely stimulating and enlightening!


*My top five strengths from StrengthFinder are Strategic, Achiever, Input, Connectedness, and Relator.

Stand Out Report
Stand Out Report
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